Various Positions—2020 - 2022


We made unofficial updates to Team Fortress 2 with the help of the community and a lot of content creators.

The TF2 mercenaries running to battle


Creators.TF was an attempt by various content creators of the Team Fortress 2 community to get together and ship custom, themed updates to a group of dedicated servers for the community to enjoy. The project was a huge success despite some unfortunate events that ruined its reputation.

I initially joined as a community moderator in January 2020, back into its early days. Then in July 2020 I took responsibility of the mod team as the head mod to ensure our community was a safe and welcome place for everyone. On August 2021 I was assigned as the PR manager and took leadership of the project with 2 other co-leaders during its final months. In the meantime I contributed to the codebase of the website and the servers’ plugins as a developer.


The project was shut down on March 2022 due to low interest and zero motivation from the team, financial issues and more less important factors.

You can find a lot of details about the project’s custom updates that were shipped in the archive website.

Shutdown announcement.