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The Laboratory of Mixed Reality and Network-Based Systems.

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The Laboratory of Mixed Reality and Network-Based Systems (MIRANET) of the University of Western Macedonia covers the research and teaching needs in the subject of mixed reality and network-based systems in both general and special topics related to its teaching and research objects.

The services provided by the laboratory are the development of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) multimedia applications, adaptive Video / adaptive AR VR streaming, development of mobile applications, load balancing in Wireless Networks, cooperative caching and cache consistency algorithms, machine learning, neural networks and image applications, expert decision support systems and cooperative caching and cache consistency algorithms.


The purpose of the lab is:

  • Meeting the teaching and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as other departments of the University of Western Macedonia, in subjects that fall within the Laboratory’s academic subjects.

  • Conducting research on issues related to its teaching and research subjects.

  • The development of new research programs as well as teaching and research programs for graduate students related to the nature of the laboratory fields, particularly in the context of interdepartmental – interuniversity projects.

  • All forms of cooperation with research centers and academic institutions at home and abroad, as long as the scientific objectives coincide and complement each other with those of the laboratory.

  • The creation of the appropriate conditions for the participation of undergraduate and postgraduate students in research programs of the laboratory with the aim of their theoretical and practical specialization.

  • The organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, the realization of publications and editions and the invitation of Greek and foreign recognized scientists.

  • The provision of services to individuals as provided in the P.D. 159/1984 “Conditions for the provision of services by University laboratories” to individuals and organizations of any legal form” (A’ 53).

  • The cooperation and support of projects conducted by public services, Local Government Organizations and other social and scientific bodies and public benefit institutions based on the laboratory’s contribution to the study and investigation of problems related to its knowledge subjects.

  • The creation of a special library on subjects related to its teaching and research objects.

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